“… and I still haven’t found what I’ve been looking for..” lyrics from an iconic U2 song. This probably sums me up. But hang on! I do know what I’ve been looking for! That too after many hard knocks and after being oblivious to obvious signs and pointers! To be my own boss and do what i do best – Cooking and Eating! I love to eat and I love to cook! It was my love for eating which drove me to learn how to cook!

I was a wanna be musician (I’m not too bad at vocals and guitar), and after working in Retail and E-Retail for 14 odd years, I decided to live the dream with my very own food start-up named Sautéed and Baked! This haunting dream of having a career in food has never left me while others came and faded away. Why live someone else’s dream when you can live your own?

The vision, today, for Sautéed and Baked is to provide Appetizers, Entrée and Desserts for small to medium size house parties, gatherings and functions. To offer Seasonal and Festive Goodies delivered right to your doorstep. To establish a profitable cafe/restaurant serving up excellent quality food with the best customer experience with a relaxing family ambiance. To use the very best and handpicked quality ingredients and never substitute them for lesser costing alternatives.

A detailed menu of what Sautéed and Baked offers for house parties and gatherings will be available on this blog. This menu will be modified as per the availability of ingredients and vegetables as per the season.

sauteedandbaked.wordpress.com is a blog dedicated to everyone who wishes to learn how to cook cuisines from all around the world, the authentic way. Most of the recipes posted on this blog can be made with everyday ingredients found in your kitchen. And trust me, you will get restaurant like food in the comfort of your own home if you follow all my recipes to the tee. You’ll save a lot of money by cooking at home and you’ll know exactly what’s going into your food!

Behind the scenes I put in hours of thought and research into each and every recipe. All recipes posted on Sautéed and Baked are tried and tested at least half a dozen times over to deliver the best possible flavor, texture and taste.

I hope you do like reading and trying out the recipes posted here. Do send your comments and feedback. I’d love to read them!

Happy Cooking!


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