Chicken Bhuna

Chicken Bhuna

This Recipe ranks super high in taste and aroma and is so simple to prepare. The success of this Recipe depends completely on a fine balance of freshly ground spices and the succulent chicken meat being cooked to perfection. Bhuna means dry so we do not add any water while cooking this dish. Over the years i have tried and tasted so many variants of Chicken Bhuna and after a lot of head scratching, this recipe does complete justice to a wonderful and age old dish!

Ingredients for Two Servings:

Chicken – 250 Grams Medium Size Pieces (Preferably not the Breast)
Ginger – 3/4th inch Piece Finely Sliced
Garlic – 5 Cloves Finely Sliced
Cloves – 4
Cinnamon – 1/2 inch Stick
Green Cardamom – 3
Cumin Seeds – 1/2 Teaspoon
Coriander Seeds – 3/4th Teaspoon
Fenugreek Seeds – Just a Pinch
Dried Red Chillies – 4 Medium Sized
Salt – To Taste
Onions – 2 Medium Sized Onions Finely Sliced
Cooking Oil – 3 Table Spoons

Prep for Chicken Bhuna:

Roast the whole spices individually and cool them down. Be watchful while roasting the whole spices; do not roast them to a dark brown otherwise all you’ll get is an awful burnt flavor and this will give your curry a terrible burnt taste. Stir continuously while roasting. Once done grind to a coarse mix.

Useful Tip: Roast the whole spices separately because each spice is different in size and thickness and roasting them together will result in the smaller spices roasting more quickly than the larger ones and will be burnt by the time the larger spices are done roasting! 

So the Chicken is cut into medium size pieces, the onions are finely sliced and your ginger and garlic is also sliced into small pieces (julienne).

Prep done!

Let’s get Cooking: 

In a kadhai or wok heat up the Cooking Oil and add the Onions. Sauté the onions on medium high flame and stir from time to time. Once the onions are a darkish golden brown add just a couple of table spoons of water and immediately add the Chicken pieces and stir continuously.

Useful Tip: Adding water when the Onions are done will do two very important things : It will stop the onions from burning and also not allow the chicken pieces to stick to the bottom of the cooking vessel. 

Sauté the Chicken pieces till they turn opaque and parts of the chicken start caramelizing. Lower the flame to low at this point and add in 3/4th of the freshly ground spices, Ginger and Garlic. Stir really well and make sure that all the pieces of Chicken are coated well with the spices. Add salt and stir gently.

Keep the flame on low and cover the cooking vessel with a lid. Keep stirring from time to time to ensure that the Chicken pieces do not stick to the bottom of the vessel. halfway through cooking add the remaining freshly ground spices. Stir well. After exactly twenty five minutes remove the lid and turn the flame to medium high to evaporate any water which may have formed due to condensation. Once you see the oil separating from the dryish gravy, turn the flame off and serve. Garnish with Chopped Coriander leaves.

Your Chicken Bhuna is ready!! Now wasn’t that simple, easy and quick to make?

Enjoy hot and hot with paratha! You’ll be drooling over this dish once it’s done and your family will call you a Master Chef! Quite Literally!

Do let me know how this recipe comes when you make it. Share your comments and do remember to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I’ll gladly answer your queries should you have any!

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