Sautéed and Baked is about getting people to enjoy and experiment with different cuisines from all around the globe. It’s about getting home cooks, novices and leisure cooks to go beyond their comfort zones and learning about new foods. It’s about bringing into your kitchen the innumerable tastes, fragrances and flavors which are out there in the world just waiting to be explored, enjoyed and experienced.

Sautéed and Baked is not about weird food and recipes, we leave that to those who have had their fill of the regular and are bored with it! It’s not about reinventing classic recipes or trying to better them. It is not about great pictures with shallow recipes.

Sautéed and Baked is all about bringing into your home an eclectic global assortment of food with lucid and detailed recipes which result in the most magical food being prepared ever.
I hope you do enjoy the recipes I post! Do send me your comments and feedback! I’d love to get them!

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