Garlicy Char Sui Chicken

Garlicy Char Sui Chicken

It was past ten last night and I was up doing some work and felt incredible hunger pangs! These were special hunger pangs, the ones I feel for Asian food. So after a few seconds rummaging in the fridge, I found a bottle of Lee Kum Kee’s Char Sui Sauce! It was my lucky night! It had been ages since I had made Char Sui Chicken so Char Sui Chicken it was and that too quick style! It was already late and there was no time for marinating. So in a pan, I put the ingredients together and cooked it on low heat for half an hour and out came this wonderfully succulent chicken coated with an awesome, sticky Char Sui Sauce. It was fantastic!


For all readers from India, Lee Kum Kee Char Sui Sauce can be found right here: Lee Kum Kee Char Sui Sauce.

I will not bore you to sleep with more details about how delicious it was cebause I am sure by now you just wanna get on with the recipe. I’ll just say that my version was a bit more awesome cebause I added a bit of zing to it – Garlic!  Get the recipe below!

Ingredients for Two Servings:

Chicken – 5 Medium Sized Pieces on the Bone
Char Sui Sauce – 2 to 3 Teaspoons
Elephant Garlic – 4 Pods Chopped Fine
Cooking Oil – 1 and 1/2 Tablespoons
Water – 1/2 Cup

Let’s get Cooking!

In a Wok or Saucepan heat up the Oil on low heat. Add the Chicken Pieces immediately and add Char Sui Sauce. Stir well. Add water. Cover and cook for 30 minutes. Do stir occasionally. The sauce should coat the Chicken evenly.

After half an hour has passed, turn heat up to medium-high and evaporate any liquid which might have been released in the cooking process. While doing so, add chopped Garlic and stir. We want the Garlic 3/4th of the way done. It adds tremendous bursts of flavor that way! Evaporating the excess liquid should barely take 2 minutes or so. Turn off flame one a consistency like in the picture of this post. And your Char Sui Chicken is done!

I relished this superb recipe plain but it is best enjoyed with steamed rice and is ideal for lunch or dinner. I do hope you make this recipe. It’s simple, quick and fantastic to eat! Enjoy!

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