Nutty Cake – A Tea Time Special

Nutty Cake – A Tea Time Special

In my city of Kolkata, tea time is a pretty big affair. Everything does come to grinding halt once it’s tea time is some places. From the movers and shakers to the shake, rattle and rollers, and those in a near constant state of inertia, tea time is a really big thing! Call it a colonial hangover or whatever you may, we Kolkatans love our tea as well as all the hip-widening and artery-clogging snacks that go along with it.

I think my Nutty Cake is a perfect tea time snack as it’s mildly flavored which makes it a perfect accompaniment with tea. What makes this cake ever so special is that I used jaggery in place of sugar! And using jaggery in this recipe was the game changer! You need to make this for yourself to find out how amazing this cake was! Believe me, as good as what the pictures are, courtesy my talented wife, this Nutty Cake was awesome!

I did write about the goodness of jaggery in one of earlier recipes, in which I had used date palm jaggery to whip up a batch of Raisin Cookies. So for those of you who want to know, and should know, how much better jaggery is for you, this post is a must-read!

Nutty-CakeThis Nutty Cake has a smooth buttery and nutty flavor to it. The subtle taste of the almonds and cashew nuts was fabulous which made way for your taste buds for the more robust taste of walnuts. The was the delicate taste of the date palm jaggery in each and every bite which made this cake truly scrumptious! Please do use good quality nuts in this recipe or else you will end up with sour tasting cake as inferior quality nuts have a sour taste to them.

The recipe is fairly easy and you can make this nut filled cake with everyday ingredients found in your kitchen.

Nutty Cake - A Tea Time Special
Recipe type: Cakes and Pastries
Cuisine: English
Serves: 8
  • Flour - 195 Grams
  • Baking Powder - 1 and ¼th Teaspoon
  • Date Palm Jaggery - 150 Grams Crumbled
  • Eggs - 2 Large at Room Temperature
  • Vanilla Extract - 1 Teaspoon
  • Butter - 80 Grams
  • Milk - 80 ml
  • Almonds, Walnuts, and Cashew Nuts - 100 Grams Mixed
  1. Preheat oven to 180° C.
  2. Butter or line a cake tin with baking paper.
  3. Mix Flour and Baking Powder in a bowl and set aside.
  4. With a hand blender or hand whisk or a kitchen aid, beat butter till creamy.
  5. Add Jaggery and beat for 5 minutes on high speed till there are no more lumps and the mixture is smooth and fluffy.
  6. Add Eggs one at a time and beat into batter.
  7. Stir in the Flour in three additions and the milk in two additions, alternating with the Flour and the Milk. Start and end with the Flour.
  8. Mix only till Flour and Milk is incorporated.
  9. Add the Mixed Nuts and fold carefully into batter. Do not over mix.
  10. Pour into cake tin and smooth surface with the back of a spoon or a spatula.
  11. Place in the middle of the oven and bake for 50 to 60 minutes or till cake tester comes out clean.
  12. Remove immediately from the oven and place on wire rack to cool.
  13. After 10 to 15 minutes, remove the cake from the cake pan and leave on wire rack to cool completely.

For those of you who have guests coming over and would want another tea-time cake to impress them or for that matter really fill their tummies, do try my Date and Raisin Cake recipe! It’s pretty awesome too and people love it! And if you really want to take things up to a whole new level then you really need to make this Zebra Cake recipe!
Yes, I know that this cake is a bit more English than Kolkata style as we do love our vegetable chop and singara but do try your tea with this cake!

Do make this recipe and also do let me know how it turns out for you! Enjoy!

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