Sautéed and Baked is all about Simple and down to earth recipes which really can be made with everyday ingredients found in a household kitchen. All recipes posted on this blog are aimed at bringing joy back into cooking at home and how to make restaurant like food at home.
I share restaurant secrets in all my posts and also try my best to give useful tips which have helped me in my journey of becoming a good cook! With over 26 years of cooking experience behind me, I do know a thing or two about cooking awesome food! I continuously research new recipes and also strive to better the recipes which already make. I am never satisfied with how much i know about cooking or how well a particular recipe has turned out. I will search for that which is missing in a particular recipe and hunt it down and perfect it. It is this perfection and completeness which i offer you today.

I have learned everything i know through hard and expensive knocks in life and really do not want you to have to learn the same way. It really does take time, patience and quite a lot of money to perfect each and every recipe.

There are no shortcuts to whipping up a great meal and it does take practice to achieve a certain level of perfection in cooking. Sautéed and Baked is the ideal learning platform for novice and intermediary level cooks to begin cooking delicious food at home. If my recipes are followed down to the very last detail, then you too will be making excellent food in a very short time.

Learning to cook is a wonderful journey which never ends and it will be my pleasure and honor if you were to choose Sautéed and Baked to be a part of that journey.

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