Soft Bread Rolls

Soft Bread Rolls

Okay! I know the shapes are not all that great especially the knotted ones but that’s the beauty of homemade bread! A perfectionist in a home kitchen is a really big pain! But in defense of my awesomely soft Bread Rolls, I will say that they were amazingly soft and absolutely delicious!

Serve these bread Rolls when you have guests over and watch them drool over them! They’re bound to wonder how earth these were made at home! You can accept the praise for replicating them and if you’re really nice you’ll tell them about my blog and direct some of those compliments towards me. : )

Let me tell you how these beauties were made!

Ingredients for Three Servings:

Flour – 3 and 1/4 Cups
Activated Yeast – 1 Sachet
Sugar – 3 Teaspoons
Egg – 1 Large
Cooking Oil – 2 Tablespoons
Water – 1 Cup

Prep for Bread Rolls: 

A detailed write up on how to properly proof bread is given in one of my earlier posts. Since I’m a nice guy, I’ve put the link here for your convenience. It gives you in detail how to successfully proof the yeast and ferment the dough. Click here: Super Easy Garlic and Butter Bread Rolls.

Boil Water and remove from heat when temperature reaches 55° C. Dissolve Sugar and add Yeast. Cover and leave for 10 to 15 minutes or till bubbly and foamy.

Add Flour to a large mixing bowl and to it add the Cooking Oil.

When Yeast is nice and foamy, add it to the Flour and Oil and mix well. Add Egg and knead well. You will need to knead the dough for 8 to 10 minutes or till dough starts coming together and the sides of the bowl are pretty clean.

Spread a thin layer of cooking oil over the dough and cover bowl with cling film. Place in a warm and clean place for the dough to ferment and rise or till double in size. This should take an hour or so.

Once the dough has doubled in size, lightly flour your work surface and place dough onto work surface. Punch the dough down to release air bubbles. Divide dough in half and make little dough balls of equal size with one-half. With the other half, feel free to get creative and make any shape you want. if you don’t bring out your creativity when cooking where’s the fun ‘eh?

Place dough balls and fancy shaped bread on lightly oiled baking tray and place in oven (which is switched off) to rise for half an hour.

After 20 minutes, take dough out of the oven and preheat oven to 180° C. Let the dough sit in a warm place for 10 minutes more while the oven heats up.

Beat an egg in a bowl separately and with a pastry brush, wash the tops of the rising dough. This will give the Bread Rolls a beautiful golden brown color like what you see in fancy bakeries and cake shops. This is their secret!

After 10 minutes place dough in oven and bake for 15 minutes or till tops are golden brown or dark golden brown in color.

Remove from oven and brush generously with some butter. This will add tons of oomph to your freshly baked Bread Rolls! Few things on earth can make my appetite soar than the smell of freshly baked bread! But then are kababs and biriyani! Still freshly baked bread ranks really high in the appetizing score!

Your awesome and soft and delicious dinner rolls are done! Enjoy hot and hot! Do share some love with me and share my recipes wherever you are present online!

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